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Our journey began in the kitchen sector in 1999, first as a kitchen installation company and since 2018 also selling kitchens. We have seen many kitchens pass by in recent years, but also associated customers. We often saw that in the end there were deficiencies or that customers were not listened to. There were many families who wanted to live more in the kitchen, having breakfast, lunch, dinner… but also working at home in the kitchen. We believe that the kitchen is an extension of the living room, or workplace, in short, a place where everyone meets. But also the home of a single person, who probably eats out more often, but still wants a kitchen with all the comforts. We saw that there was a lack of sentiment towards customers here and we want to fill this gap. With our experiences we can make these wishes come true and give the feeling that the kitchen is not just a space where food is prepared, but a central point in the home, where everything comes together. We do it with Brigitte’s medium/high segment kitchens and Warendorf’s high segment kitchens, where everything is possible, colors, measurements, finishes, all of superior quality.

May we greet you in our showroom? Come without obligation and let yourself be inspired, as many have already done for you!

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Esteban and Angeline Velez

sobre nosotros el real
sobre nosotros el real